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Potassium Formate (For Carbon Black)

In carbon black production, especially in specialty carbon blacks and high-quality carbon blacks, structural inhibitors play a pivotal role. Before the 1990s, sodium hydroxide was generally used as a structural inhibitor; with the development of special carbon black, it was gradually replaced by potassium carbonate; however, due to the low solubility of potassium carbonate, it is easy to layer after dissolution (the upper and lower concentrations in the solution tank Non-uniformity), which leads to easy clogging of the nozzle and unstable quality of carbon black. Since 2004, we have cooperated with a multinational carbon black company in the United States to replace potassium carbonate with potassium formate for experimental production of carbon black.

The effect is very good. Through nearly ten years of promotion, potassium formate has become the mainstream of structural inhibitors in carbon black production. At the same time, the ash content in carbon black production is also a very important indicator. Therefore, in order to ensure that the ash content in carbon black meets the standard, certain requirements are also set for the toxic and harmful substances in potassium formate.

Innovacorp India Pvt Ltd
At present, the quality standards accepted by most carbon black manufacturers are as follows:
Specification and model index name Solid (Ⅰ) Liquid (Ⅱ) Liquid (Ⅲ)
Appearance Pure white crystal Colorless and transparent Colorless and transparent
Assay of potassium formate content 97% MIN 75% MIN 65% MIN
Potassium chloride content (as chlorine) Chloride content 0.01% MAX 0.01% MAX 0.01% MAX
Potassium carbonate content (calculated as carbonate) CO 3 2- content 0.5% MAX 0.5% MAX 0.5% MAX
Potassium hydroxide content (calculated as hydroxide radical) OH - content 0.5% MAX 0.2% MAX 0.2% MAX
PH value (25℃) PH value 9-11 (10% Solution) 9-11 9-11
Specific gravity (20℃) Density SG ---- 1.57 1.47
Total Iron content 10ppm max 10ppm max 10ppm max
Calcium content 10ppm max 10ppm max 10ppm max
Magnesium content 10ppm max 10ppm max 10ppm max
Turbidity (25℃; NTU) Turbidity ----- 10NTU 10NTU
Sodium content 0.3% MAX 0.3% MAX 0.3% MAX
Sodium content 1ppm max 1ppm max 1ppm max
Potassium Formate liquid

As an excellent drilling fluid, completion fluid, and workover fluid, it is widely used in the oilfield industry.

Potassium formate (for carbon black)

In carbon black production, especially in specialty carbon blacks and high-quality carbon blacks, structural inhibitors play a pivotal role.

Potassium formate (for foliar fertilizer)

Potassium can adjust the colloidal state of cell protoplasts, increase the intensity of photosynthesis, and promote the formation of starch and sugar in crops

Potassium formate (for deicing and melting snow)

The deicing and snow-melting agent is easy to use. When deicing and snow-melting the airport runway, it can be done with the general spraying equipment of the airport.

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