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Potassium Formate Powder

Molecular formula: HCOOK

Molecular weight: 84.12

Properties: Appearance is pure white fine crystals, easily soluble in water, and the dissolution speed is very fast; it is very easy to absorb moisture; it is reductive, can react with strong oxidants, and the bulk density is 1.9100g/cm3

Innovacorp India Pvt Ltd

Quality Index:

Project name Index
Exterior Pure white crystal
HCOOK content,%, ≥ 97.0%
Moisture,%, ≤ 0.5%
KOH content (calculated as hydroxide radical),%, ≥ 0.5%
K2CO3 content (calculated as carbonate), %, ≤ 1.0%
KCL content (calculated as chlorine),%, ≤ 0.2%/td>
Iron ion content, ppm, ≤ 10ppm
Calcium ion content, ppm, ≤ 10ppm
Magnesium ion content, ppm, ≤ 10ppm


  1. As an excellent drilling fluid, completion fluid, and workover fluid, it is widely used in the oilfield industry.
  2. In the snow melting agent industry, the acetic acid smell in the air is too strong after the snow melting of the additive acetate and it causes a certain degree of corrosion on the ground, etc., and is eliminated. Potassium formate not only has good snow melting performance but also overcomes the acetic acid All the drawbacks of salt are praised by citizens and environmental personnel;
  3. In the leather industry, it is used as a camouflage acid in the chrome tanning method;
  4. In the printing and dyeing industry, it is used as a reducing agent;
  5. It can also be used as a cement slurry. Strong agent, and used in mining, electroplating and foliar fertilizer for crops and other industries.

Packing: Plastic woven bag lined with PP, PE bag, net weight 25kg or 1000kg.

Storage and transportation: This product is a general chemical product. It is easy to absorb moisture and should be stored in a dry warehouse. Handle with care to avoid damage to the package and cause the product to get damp.

Potassium Formate liquid

As an excellent drilling fluid, completion fluid, and workover fluid, it is widely used in the oilfield industry.

Potassium formate (for carbon black)

In carbon black production, especially in specialty carbon blacks and high-quality carbon blacks, structural inhibitors play a pivotal role.

Potassium formate (for foliar fertilizer)

Potassium can adjust the colloidal state of cell protoplasts, increase the intensity of photosynthesis, and promote the formation of starch and sugar in crops

Potassium formate (for deicing and melting snow)

The deicing and snow-melting agent is easy to use. When deicing and snow-melting the airport runway, it can be done with the general spraying equipment of the airport.

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