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Potassium formate (For Foliar Fertilizer)

Potassium can adjust the colloidal state of cell protoplasts, increase the intensity of photosynthesis, and promote the formation of starch and sugar in crops. It has the effects of improving cold tolerance, drought tolerance, disease resistance and lodging resistance for certain crops, fruits and vegetables. Appropriate supply of potassium fertilizer can also promote the absorption and utilization of nitrogen and phosphorus by crops, and increase crop yield and fruit setting rate.

When crops and fruit trees are lacking in potassium, they will manifest as physiological exhaustion. Within two or three days, the leaves of the plants will rapidly turn yellow or red, and then wither and fall off. The stems die, commonly known as red leaf stem blight. Therefore, before crops, vegetables and fruit trees are seriously lacking in potassium, effective potassium must be supplemented, and foliar spraying of potassium is the most economical and effective way to supplement potassium.

Potassium fertilizers currently used in the market are generally potassium sulfate, potassium nitrate, potassium chloride and their compound fertilizers. What kind of foliar spraying potassium fertilizer to choose is nothing more than the following criteria:

(1) High potassium content

(2) The solubility should be large

(3) It is easy to absorb and safe and harmless.

In order to be clear, we can compare several foliar potassium fertilizers currently commonly used as follows (among them, potassium chloride contains extremely high harmful substance chloride ions, which is basically out of consideration

Innovacorp India Pvt Ltd

Quality Index:

Item variety Potassium oxide content (%) Solubility (g/100g water) Harmful substance chloride ion content (%)
Potassium formate foliar fertilizer (powder) >53% 331 0.0006%
Potassium formate foliar fertilizer (liquid) >41% Miscible with water in any ratio 0.0004%
Potash fertilizer 62% Excellent 34.4 Sodium chloride content ≤1.2%
Potash fertilizer 50% Excellent 11.1 ≤1.0%
Potassium Nitrate 46% Excellent 31.6 ≤0.2%


  1. The potassium formate foliar fertilizer produced by our company has extremely high solubility (ten times or even dozens of times that of other potash fertilizers), and extremely low content of harmful chloride ions (one thousandth of that of other potash fertilizers). 1) It can be widely used in various crops such as cotton, tobacco, flax, rice, wheat, corn, sugar cane, and fruits and vegetables such as oranges and grapes.
  2. Potassium formate foliar fertilizer is dissolved from solid into liquid, and when diluting from liquid, use deionized water or distilled water as much as possible.
  3. When nitrogen fertilizer needs to be sprayed together, an appropriate proportion of urea can be added.
  4. This product can also be used as flushing fertilizer.
  5. It is recommended to use liquid products; our company's liquid potassium formate fertilizer has a colorless and transparent appearance, just like pure water; when sub-packing, avoid mixing with water. It is recommended to add food coloring and color.
Potassium Formate liquid

As an excellent drilling fluid, completion fluid, and workover fluid, it is widely used in the oilfield industry.

Potassium formate (for carbon black)

In carbon black production, especially in specialty carbon blacks and high-quality carbon blacks, structural inhibitors play a pivotal role.

Potassium formate (for foliar fertilizer)

Potassium can adjust the colloidal state of cell protoplasts, increase the intensity of photosynthesis, and promote the formation of starch and sugar in crops

Potassium formate (for deicing and melting snow)

The deicing and snow-melting agent is easy to use. When deicing and snow-melting the airport runway, it can be done with the general spraying equipment of the airport.

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